May 3rd

Hope everyone is having a great 2017. I've been very busy working on a new album , A lot of good stuff happening this year. I was signed to an excusive 3 year publishing contract with BMG Sony for my album "Say".    Very excited about being asked back for the Arise Festival 2017. Hope to see everyone there!

Thanks everyone for coming out to the 2017 Arise FestivalHad a great time playing on the  main Eagle Stage again this year. Played the songwriters circle, and the sound stage and of course a big thanks to Ani DiFranco, a gifted songwriter and poet . 

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well and I am looking forward to seeing all my fans come out and enjoy the Festival this year. I was asked to come and perform again . We are having a great line up with some amazing artist . Please check back and I will keep you updated on the day , time and stage I will be playing. 

Taking a little break to start writing my new album. Have a great rest of 2017 and I will see everyone next year 2018.

Peace..... Shane