Wonderment with a smile is how I’d describe the faces of the people listening to Shane Burke on Sunday night at Gallery 788. Shane’s Burke’s versatile voice  is rich in the low end, dead-on in the middle, and angelic in the upper register. His songs are a soulful mix of rock, soul, and R&B. Burke’s music is familiar, but engaging in a way that keeps you listening. I know this because his latest album, “Under The Sun,” has been in the CD player of my truck for weeks. I’ve seen the songwriter more than once, and every time I do I get the feeling that I’m in on a secret. It’s as if I’m seeing someone whose talent goes far beyond the scope of pubs, book stores, or in this case, an art gallery. I can’t help but think that it’s just a matter of time before the secret gets out and the rest of the world comes in. 


Global Music Award Winners 2016 Announced 

Shane Burke Won Bronze For Male Vocalist 

by Philip Laubner 

  • This is How it's All Going Down2:19